Class 1 Samurai Marking System

The Samurai UV Marker is a fully integrated Class I benchtop UV marking system. Taking advantage of the photon energy of the 355 nm wavelength, the system is capable of achieving 7 um spot sizes and work spaces in excess of 300 x 300 mm. With the intuitive control software, you can go from design to marking within minutes of system start-up. The low-maintenance DPSS UV Laser offers years of trouble-free marking.

The Class I safety enclosure is designed to meet strict FDA safety guidelines while being easy to use and nonobtrusive. A large front door allows convenient access to the entire work area. Safety shielding protects the user from powerful UV beams, but allows 360 degree viewing of the work space.

The Class I Samurai UV Marker is designed to be as versatile as it is powerful. The system can operate independently on a benchtop or be fully integrated into your automated production process using industrial level I/O, software APIs, serial and Ethernet communication, PLCs and much more.


  • Up to 3 W Average Power
  • Up to 4 KW Peak Power
  • High Precision
  • Powerful, Easy-to-use Software
  • Import Text and Graphics From Your Favorite Programs
  • Automation-Ready Industrial Design
  • Safe, Class I Enclosure
  • Customizable Work Areas and Spot Sizes