Series 3500 UV Laser System

The Series 3500 DPSS laser (US Patent #6,002,695) is the most efficient, high power, quasi-CW DPSS UV laser commercially available. Using only a single 20W diode bar, the Series 3500 has demonstrated powers in excess of 3.0 Watts at 355 nm. This high efficiency conversion means that the laser can be operated at the normal specification, with minimum stress to the optical components and with a reduced diode current to extend the operating life.

Minimizing the diode power required to generate the 355 nm third harmonic also minimizes the thermal effects in the gain medium (Nd:YV04), which results in the lowest possible distortion to the beam. Both the second and third harmonics are generated intra-cavity, thus reducing the need for tight focusing into the non-linear crystals. The result is a stable, high power UV laser with an M² specification of < 1.2, a near perfect TEMoo mode. 


  • Up to 3W Power at 355 nm
  • Rugged, Low Maintenance Design
  • Excellent Beam Quality M² < 1.2
  • Q-Switched Repetition Rate
  • Stability Better Than 5% Over 8 Hours
  • Single Shot to > 100 kHz (Quasi-CW)
  • Low Cost of Ownership