Frequently asked questions


  1. What is the actual wavelength of your UV DPSS laser?
    To be accurate, the wavelength is 345.7nm. However, most people commonly refer to these DPSS UV lasers as "355nm lasers".

  2. What is the coherence length of your laser?
    The coherence length of these lasers is less than 1cm.

  3. What is the linewidth of your lasers?
    The linewidth of a DPSS UV laser is approximately 80 GHz.

  4. Can I modulate the pulse frequency myself?
    Yes. Customers have the ability to input pulse frequencies ranging from 30 kHz to 300 kHz. The full range may not be available on all laser models.

  5. Can I change the current on your laser to control output power?
    No. Due to its highly efficient patented intra-cavity design, our DPSS UV lasers cannot vary output power by changing current. Output power should be varied by external means such as an Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM), polarizing filter, or neutral density filter.

  6. Are the laser heads interchangeable?
    New model families (Smart) are interchangeable, within that series. Older generation models (SMPS) are not interchangeable because power supplies were matched to laser heads.

  7. Can I change/tune the wavelength of my laser?
    No. DPSS UV lasers produce only one output wavelength. This cannot be changed or tuned.

  8. Do you make an air-cooled laser?
    No. All our lasers are cooled by a small closed-loop chiller to maintain the best stability and the longest lifetimes.

  9. Are the systems gas or solid state lasers?
    All of our laser systems are diode pumped solid state lasers.

  10. Are the lasers YAG systems? How do you produce the UV laser?
    No. They are Vanadate (Nd:YVO4) systems. The Vanadate crystal produces the same IR wavelength of light at 1064 nm, as a YAG crystal. DPSS then intracavity doubles and triples the 1064 nm light to produce the UV laser at 355 nm.




  1. Do I need an RMA to return my laser for service?
    Yes. Please have the serial number of your devices handy when requesting an RMA. Serial number are generally located on the rear or bottom of the device. The format of the serial number is "D" followed by 6 digits (i.e. D120718).

  2. How long will it take to service my laser?
    Most service takes 5-7 days from receipt of your system.




  1. How quickly can I receive my order?
    In most cases, stock model lasers ship within 24 hours of your order and can be shipped as quickly as overnight for a next day delivery. International shipments require more time.

  2. Who pays for shipping?
    For most new orders, the customer is responsible for shipping. In the case of service returns, the customer is responsible for shipping both directions.

  3. Do you sell refurbished or demo return lasers?
    Occasionally we have a demo or refurbished laser available for sale, but this is rare. If you would like to find out if one is available, please call one of our sales associates.

  4. Does my laser purchase include installation?
    For laser-only sales, installation is not included. The laser is very simple to use and our customers usually have no problems using them. Sales of laser marking systems do generally include installation and training for first-time buyers.

  5. Should I purchase through a distributor or directly through DPSS Lasers Inc.?
    DPSS has partnered with distributors around the world to provide our customers with the best level of service and support. Please contact your local distributor for more information. Click here for distributor list.

  6. How do I know which laser model is best for my application?
    Contact one of our sales associates who are very knowledgeable about all our application fields. Our goal is to provide you with the right laser, not the most expensive one.