LINEAR Samurai Marking System

The Samurai Laser Marker is a fully integrated, compact, UV laser marking system designed for factory use. Taking advantage of the photon energy of the 355 nm wavelength, the system is capable of achieving 7 um spot sizes and work spaces in excess of 500 x 500 mm. The compact design and low-maintenance DPSS UV laser make this the perfect choice for high volume applications.

Intuitive control software allows you to build jobs quickly, while powerful algorithms enable Marking On The Fly (MOTF) and serialization operations. The system is highly versatile and can be configured to several output orientations in order to accomodate any installation. Software APIs make it easy to customize communications with other devices in the production facility including PLCs, databases, networks, and host computers. Motion and automation can be easily integrated through industrial level I/O to achieve a fully automated production line. With zero toxic consumables and no messy clean-ups, the Samurai Linear (OEM) Marking system is the perfect choice for most marking applications.


  • Up to 3 W Average Power

  • Up to 4 KW Peak Power

  • High Precision

  • Powerful, Easy-to-use Software

  • Compact OEM design

  • Automation-Ready Industrial Design

  • Marking On The Fly (MOTF) Ready

  • Customizable Work Areas and Spot Sizes